After a roller coaster and also hugely successful career with WWE, I decided to retire from professional wrestling in 2014 and launch a women’s athleisure apparel company called Celestial Bodiez. My clothing company is known for It’s a patented #Bootyscrunch seam. It hugs and contours your booty in all the right places. It’s not all about the booty (I know some of you will fight me on this, lol). Celestial Bodiez has evolved, and now we make clothes for life. You don’t have to be a fitness model. I don’t give a f*** if you don’t do squats or yoga. I want you to wear my designs because you like the way you feel in them when you’re netflixing, momming, or at work. Whatever life throws your way – you can do it in Celestial Bodiez.

The current theme throughout all of my brands is the concept of #UP.

Get up. Stand up. Suit up. Show up. Rise up. No matter how many times you get knocked down. This is how we do. This is how we live. Life is about continuing on in an upward motion. Gaining experience along the way. This is our time to Rise Up and change our own lives and the world. #UP Camp is an opportunity for badass, hard working, goal digging women to come together and motivate and inspire each other, Connect with like minded women and discover what we are truly capable of.

I want my brands to be something that anyone can wear, listen to, follow and be a part of. No stigmas attached. I want people to be able to relate to me as the owner of this company, host of my podcasts, vlogger, and leader of the #Up Movement but also as a real person who is just figuring it out as I go. I want to help spread what I’ve learned, how I’ve fucked up and even share the proud moments on all platforms as a type of motivation to others. If I can do it, So can you. 2018 is all about embracing ourselves for who and what we are. Feeling good about ourselves regardless of what stage we are at.

Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself and with others. Admitting what you don’t know or what you’re not good at is growth. This is a quality that makes a great leader. Not everyone is great at everything. Know what your good at. People genuinely can relate to honesty and humility. Hey… it kind of makes your more likeable.

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