Laurin and Celeste show their nerdy side again in this episode. To unpack more of the UNglamorous Life, they look at the Big Five Personality Test given through Understand Myself. Hear how Laurin and Celeste react to their scores and discuss what they mean. Anxiety, OCD, creativity, compassion, love–these are all things that you might be able to understand more through this test. Discover your strengths and boost your weaknesses through Laurin’s and Celeste’s commentary. Get started by listening to this episode, then go take the test!

“The hardest thing for people who are introverted is that they don’t feel like they can communicate.”

-Laurin Conlin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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1:33 – Want to know who you are? How personality tests, especially the Big Five, can help you understand your thoughts and know your power

7:12 – If you keep saying “yes”, you’ll hurt your loved ones: Why your tendency to be agreeable will actually lead to resentfulness

11:37 – You might be extremely agreeable if you love animals. What you need to be aware of if you tend to be extremely compassionate

14:50 – Anorexia may not be connected to perfectionism. How a desire for order may drive you to extreme reactions to chaos

22:17 – 1 simple way to understand the connection between being a strong woman and being an extrovert

28:58 – Do you get scared or worried easily? You might be high in this personality trait that causes intense fear

33:02 – Art museums can reveal a lot about a person: Why your creativity is a part of your desire to explore

40:24 – Your relationships, career, and communication are all super connected to your personality. Why you should use this test today and in 5 years


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