Sponsorships are an ultimate dream—right? Not, necessarily. Celeste and Laurin reveal what to expect when you land an endorsement, how to keep that endorsement, and most of all, how to maintain your integrity while promoting. Also, listen in to hear why linking yourself to a brand has less to do with what you can get from the deal and more to do with ensuring it aligns with your personal brand. Not only, where you are, but where you are heading. Don’t skip the download, you need this one to land and keep your social media influencer gigs.

“How the company represents itself over time will really be indicative of if you should stay or if you should leave.”

-Laurin Conlin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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1:58  Catching up with Laurin and Celeste

10:29  A glimpse into future episodes

16:05  Brands Laurin represents

22:12  Insight into self-tanning

26:20  Know when to end a relationship with a sponsor and when to begin one

33:27  Things to consider when deciding to represent a brand

38:18  How Celeste built a team of influencers for her brand

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