On this episode of the Unglamorous Life, Celeste and Laurin discuss team building. Celeste shares the ups and downs she faced when building her team for Celestial Bodiez, while Laurin shares Loco Fit’s current state and her concerns about hiring others. Tune in to hear what it’s like being a #girlboss.

“You don’t get great employees overnight.”

-Celeste Bonin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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6:00 Lauren’s salty rant about people complaining about work

8:46 Overview of Celestial Bodiez from concept to current

12:30 Celestial Bodiez first employees

17:45 How Celeste rebuilt her team

26:59 Celestial Bodiez current team structure

36:07 Coaching your team members

38:50 A service-based business vs a product based business

43:00 What’s next for Loco Fit

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