What’s our favorite skin care and beauty product? Find out in today’s episode! (It can do almost anything!) Listen as for a full rundown of all the best beauty products out there to take care of your skin and make you look beautiful. Celeste and Laurin reveal why you’re missing coffee grounds, sugar, and coconut oil from your skin care. Discover incredible products that will help you maintain youthful skin as you age! You’ll even hear what products you should NEVER use unless you want stretch marks, as experienced by Laurin. So get your shopping cart ready, because you’ll need it after hearing today’s beauty list.

“Exfoliate your skin… it leaves your skin looking young, bright, fresh, and more firm.”


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3:42 – All beauty products are not equal. What you should avoid when shopping for skin care and beauty products

7:43 – Don’t settle for Botox: How to properly take care of your skin as you get older

12:32 – The 3 magical uses of coconut oil and why you NEED to use it in your showers

16:49 – How to prevent aging and protect your skin so that you can have a beautiful and healthy face for years

23:45 – Lip plumpers, chapped lips, and the best way to use lip injections

28:52 – Laurin learned the hard way: Why Coffee Grounds can do wonders for your skin, but Baking Soda destroys

34:16 – 2 best ways to exfoliate your face and get radiant skin

40:58 – Why make-up wipes can change a guy’s entire universe in the wrestling world


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