Life has cycles, and although it’s easy to sulk, Ryan Conley, powerlifter, strength/training coach and fireman, Laurin and Celeste all share how they overcame low times in their life. For each of them, the driving force was the strength of their mind. They reveal why holding yourself accountable, discipline, and perception are critical to getting your mind in the place it needs to be in order to win.

Feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t help you or anybody around you.

Just take the next step!

-Ryan Conley

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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8:34  Laurin tells about a difficult time in her life

16:12 The mindset and people you need to overcome

18:29  Celeste tells her story

24:09  Allowing the right people to influence your life

32:47  Ryan shares his story

36:52  Putting your situation into perspective

42:29  Different ways to train your mind right to execute your life


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