Today Celeste interrogates Laurin and finds out the deep and dirty truth about prepping for figure competitions in the Unglamorous Life.
Holding back nothing, they talk openly about the difficulties in competing, including dieting, tracking body fat and how to stay committed when the show is still far away.
They also talk about the evolution of fitness competitions and how they’ve got more extreme and diverse over time.
For an insight into the real side of figure competitions and bodybuilding give this a listen.
Anything that you’re going to be trying your best at will be extreme 
-Laurin Conlin

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1:12 – How long have you been dieting and what was your prep plan?

3:45 – What is losing 20 pounds like?

4:51 – How beneficial are body comps?

16:20 – The importance of mental stability, goals and weighing in.

18:28 – The ‘Whoosh Effect’, losing fat cells and losing weight.

22:14 – What weight are you comfortable living at when you’re not in prep?

26:35 – How you cope after the show ends and the possible dangers associated with competing

42:59 – Posing coaches and practicing poses


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