In this episode, Laurin and Celeste break down what to expect from a breast augmentation procedure. They will help you consider your options and offer advice on the pre-surgery and recovery processes. Listen in and discover how you can enhance your glamor from the girls who live the Unglamorous Life.

“That’s your body. There are no two breasts that are exactly alike.”

-Laurin Conlin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast
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7:26 – Are you considering breast implants? Hear what Laurin and Celeste have to say about life before their breast implant surgery.

25:04 – What you can expect from surgery and advice for recovery; whether it’s dealing with pain or exercising after the surgery, Lauren and Celeste offer their input for you to have the fastest and easiest recovery.

51:40 – Looking forward to the next episode.


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