Sleep. We all love it but it’s so hard to get it. Join Celeste, Laurin, and returning guest Ryan Conley as they discuss the power of sleep. Listen in to hear how your phone and computer are destroying your sleep patterns and what you can do to fix it! Also, hear from Ryan on how your gut and your brain actually work together to HELP you sleep. Listen now to get the best sleep of your life tonight!

“The older I get… the more I value sleep & proper nutrition & training the right way & being healthy even if it means I’m not that cool anymore.”

-Celeste Bonin

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1:52 – Ryan’s “pedophile” glasses that you actually want to consider getting: What you need to look for to save your eyes from blue light

7:37 – How your phone, computer, and tablet mess up your sleep cycle and how even your genes affect your sleep

13:59 – Sleep apnea, snoring, and genes: Why your genetic report can help you understand your sleeping patterns and how you can fix your sleep

21:55 – Why you need to adjust your Vitamin D to enter into the best deep sleep that your body will ever experience

28:51 – Your body doesn’t just need sleep! How your body can heal itself while you’re sleeping and what you can do to help it

33:35 – Make the gut decision: Why your gut and your brain are connected when it comes to sleep and REM cycles

38:24 – Why you need to make your sleep a priority and why when you go to bed and when you wake up is so powerful for the rest of your day

44:00 – How even your hormones and cortisol are affected by your sleep

CLARIFICATION (31:08): The 4 bacteria phyla that are found in infant digestive systems by the time they are 3 months old are received via the mother’s birth canal, not just breastfeeding. Those 4 bacteria phyla are Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes, and Proteobacteria.


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