Celeste’s Best Friend
Savvy Dresser
Model for Celestial Bodiez

Hey Everyone! I’m Simon, and I’m the Boss.

I’m living my best life here in Florida with my mom, Celeste. We met right when we needed each other the most – when she needed joy and love and I needed a new kick ass jean jacket. (I look good, right?)

Here’s a little something she said about me in my most recent feature (July’s edition of Family Dog!):

When I got Simon, he was exactly what I needed. He’s the best dog – he’s so polite and well-behaved. He could sense I was in a period of my life that was hard. He is just the best therapeutic experience. When I do have a high-anxiety moment, he’ll come and sit in my lap or lean against me. He’s really good at knowing when I need to be calm.

Okay, so maybe I’m in this for more than the jean jackets. I love my mom and she loves me. I mean look, I even have my own webpage!

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