Celeste and Laurin sit down and catch up after Laurin has spent 37 weeks prepping and doing competitions.  Before sitting down for their chat, they decided to go for a walk and did a little grounding. During the show, Laurin talks out-loud about her plans for the future and what she wants to focus on and thinks that grounding before the show has helped put things into perspective.  

“Competing is hard, but after the show is harder.”

Laurin Conlin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast


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2:05 – What is “grounding”?

10:30 – Redefining healthy

13:00 – Laurin is on the fence

20:50 – Laurin’s past eight weeks since prep

27:00 – Talking things out for the future

33:35 – Laurin’s after competition advice

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