Maintain diligence and motivation with your very own garage gym! If you want to save time by avoiding your commute to the gym each day, then you need a gym in your home or garage! Ryan Conley did exactly that. And today, you get an insider’s look into how he built it. Get all the info you need to find mind-blowing deals on quality equipment so that your gym is top-notch.  Begin your journey with these must-haves for your home exercise equipment. It’s EASY and you can make it CHEAP. So join Celeste, Laurin, and Ryan to get started on your personal garage gym.

“Setting yourself up for success, making it simple, and making it easier to reach your goals is 90% of the battle.”

-Ryan Conley

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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3:15 – Tiny car workshop vs. epic garage gym. The $2000 piece of equipment Ryan picked up for $300 that started it all

10:09 – 3 genius strategies to building your perfect garage gym for under $3000

15:49 – When you can’t make it to the gym, you NEED these 3 things in your home to keep moving towards your goals

20:06 – MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR GYM BAG: The best resistance bands to add variety to your workout and complete your garage gym

29:28 – Improve your cardio just by walking around the house! The importance of tiny weights for your daily improvement

33:40 – Why mirrors actually hinder your lifting and posing unless your one of these 2 kinds of people

39:58 – What you need on the ground of your garage gym to make it safe and keep your knees healthy


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