On today’s episode, Celeste and Laurin meet up with Jason Phillips, founder of iN3 Nutrition and the ALLiN Mastermind. As you may know, Laurin and Celeste have shared how they hate sleazy masterminds where people rob you of your money. They recently attended The ALLiN mastermind and were really impressed! They met up with Jason to see how and why he started the mastermind. He also shares his story from being a near death anorexic to the founder of IN³ Nutrition. Tune in to hear his story!

“The biggest mistake that I made in what drove my lack of success was that I never accepted myself, the fact that I mattered or that I was enough. ”

-Jason Phillips

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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01:31 The negative and positive discussions on masterminds

06:15 His journey from an anorexic teenager

14:46 Starting his fitness coaching journey

23:10 Jason shares his experiences with failed masterminds

26:14 The advantages of group coaching and discussion about Crossfit Space and Paleo

32:21 Jason’s current success and hitting the million dollar mark in income

37:16 The highs and lows of business and how his passion for it overcame it all

46:50 The idea of investing and reinvesting in yourself and in your business

50:05 Jason’s biggest mistake in life and what drove his success in life


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