Content is what drives any thriving business in today’s society. It’s your online presence and the definition of who you are as a person and as a business. So, on today’s show Chris and Celeste break down what content is and how to go about creating it. They share what types of content has worked for them and their strategies for keeping your content authentic.  

“Everyone has a highlight reel. To make content stand out, pull the filter off .” 

 – Chris Kingsman 

Dirty Work Podcast

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Key Highlights:  

 How to make authentic content 

⇾ Discover the difference between dynamic content vs static content 

⇾ Understand the importance of captions that add value 


0:43 Celeste’s take on what content is 

2:40 Types of platforms and content 

4:46 The evolution of Celestial Bodies content 

7:00 How to get your message into your content 

9:36 Chris’s instagram page that accidently got popular 

14:15 Dynamic content vs static content 

23:46 The best advice for content 

27:37 The first step to creating authentic content 

29:45 The importance of valuable captions 


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