You want your business to be bigger, better, and faster. You want the heavy cash, 1M followers, and fancy cars. But here’s the big question: Does your brand have integrity behind it? If not, you might be setting yourself up for failure. But don’t worry, Celeste and Laurin can help you reach that dream without giving people scams. Listen to this episode to hear some wild stories and life lessons from Celeste and Laurin’s experiences. You’ll learn the 2 key areas you need to build your integrity on so that your business is always top-notch.

“Doing the right thing is always the right thing.”


The Unglamorous Life Podcast
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2:43 – Want the healthy alternative to alcohol? Let Celeste introduce you as she makes a big announcement

7:20 – Live or die: The one thing that will determine your business success

12:26 – Why you NEED social media to build your business, but why it could also tear you down

16:23 – How do you stay true to your brand? The key to delivering value to your followers and converting that following into customers

23:34 – Don’t let social media control you. Here’s how to use educational content to create loyal followers that will sustain your business

28:00 – The #1 area of your business that will support or destroy your business based on your integrity

34:20 – If you’re going to have success in your business, you need to know this one thing about your product or service

41:23 – Keep up with the competition, but don’t fall for these filthy strategies for quick success


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