You don’t need to overhaul your lifestyle all at once to see dramatic transformations in your productivity, happiness, and health. Small changes can have a big impact. In this episode, Laurin and Celeste talk about the little things that can start an avalanche of change and help you feel accomplished every day. Listen to how they’re challenging themselves, and then let them know what you’re doing to build your habits for excellence.

“There’s nothing better than feeling accomplished at the end of the day.”

Celeste Bonin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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1:07 – Some habits can seem insignificant, but play a major role in our productivity and happiness: How Celeste and Laurin are challenging themselves every month

11:28 – Little things that can affect you in the long run and the habit Laurin is picking up this month

14:32 – Why you need someone to keep you accountable to establish habits for excellence

17:42 – The small change that has made a huge difference in Celeste’s productivity in 2019

22:32 – Are you messing with your mindset as soon as you wake up? The habit Laurin is dropping this month

29:25 – Is convenience enabling your laziness? The change Celeste is making this month

33:55 – Laurin and Celeste’s suggestions on where to start creating your own habits for excellence


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