On this episode of the Unglamorous Life, Celeste and Laurin shed light on how unglamorous running a small business really is. Laurin voices her thoughts on those fake Instagram entrepreneurs who are making money off of vulnerable people. The ladies also share some valuable tips and resources on how to pursue your own business without getting roped into those get rich quick schemes.

“You have to know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. And you have to be realistic with that.”

-Laurin Conlin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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1:00 Fake entrepreneurs in the fitness space

3:45 What fitness coaches should really be concerned with

5:37 People who are living their lives with an Instagram filter on

8:40 How Celeste’s mom got roped into a get rich quick scheme

13:05 Developing a strategy to go “all in”

15:55 Why you need a strategy for everyday

18:20 Celeste’s beliefs in zodiac signs

19:20 Understanding yourself and your habits

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