Laurin finally did it! She started to expand her business and hired a new LoCo Fit trainer. There are challenges and struggles that Laurin faced and she shared how she did it on today’s episode. Celeste and Laurin also talk with Gillian SanFilippo, the new trainer for LoCo Fit. Listen in to learn more about her and learn from Laurin’s experiences if you’re facing the same struggles in your business.

“I’m not doubting myself with my abilities and qualifications. I’m going into this more than excited to start the process.”

-Gillian SanFilippo
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2:39 Gillian’s background and how she became part of LoCo Fit

9:05 The good thing about coaching based from experience

10:35 Gillian’s transition to weight training and bodybuilding

13:53 Positive and negative side of information availability in the internet

19:14 The need to hire people and the steps Laurin did to make it happen

24:30 LoCo Fit team moving forward as one face and one brand

27:07 Gillian’s confidence in her abilities to be part of the team

28:03 Importance of the team’s effort to contribute to social media content creation

32:33 Laurin’s vision for the new LoCo Fit team


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