In this episode of Dirty Work, Chris and Celeste share what it’s like to have a business coach. Instead of telling what a business coach can do for you, they let you in on one of Celestial Bodies coaching sessions. Stay tuned to find out how to onboard new team members, delegate responsibilities and keep a balance between work and home.

“The coach’s role is to listen and help you get to the right answer.”
– Chris Kingsman

Dirty Work Podcast

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6:30 The core responsibilities of a coach

8:40 Problem 1: Team members not meeting expectations

10:07 What you should be doing when onboarding new employees

21:15 Problem 2: Dealing with people who don’t understand your brand

24:15 Problem 3: Issues with delegating

27:00 Why you need to delegate

49:17 Balancing family and business

1:01:50 The value of coaching

1:04:00 Finding a coach, even if you don’t have the money




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