Join Celeste and Laurin as the recap the last couple of months of their lives. From Olympia Weekend to exploring canyons, hear about what’s been going on with Laurin and Celeste. Laurin tells of her new house and Celeste talks about Celestial Bodiez’s first runway show. Listen in to hear about the exciting things that have happened in their lives!

“I can only compare the craziness of the backstage to the craziness of a WWE event.”

-Celeste Bonin

The Unglamorous Life Podcast

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4:50 – Olympia, Jordan Peterson, and Vegas

12:02 – Meeting Chris Bell and learning about Kratom

18:30 – Witnessing this year’s emotional competition and hiking the Red Rock Canyon

23:23 – Laurin and Ryan’s new house and Celestial Bodiez’s first runway show

30:28 – Taking trips out to Texas to shop at Target and celebrate Celeste’s birthday

38:22 – Laurin’s experience and presentation at the 1st Phorm Legionnaire Conference

46:15 – Heading into November and 2019

49:22 – Eating good food from Icon Meals


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